Integration of Voxel Based and Source Based Representation for Computer Aided Design of Functional Gradient Materials

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Wang, Fangquan
Liou, Frank
Sparks, Todd

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University of Texas at Austin


Functionally Gradient Materials (FGMs) feature smooth transition from one material to another within a single object. FGMs modeling is considered to be one of the new challenges in Computer Aided Design area. To overcome this challenge, this paper presents the integration of a source-based and voxel-based approach to model FGMs. The input of STL format can be meshed and voxelized. The material composition and material varying information in each voxel can be generated from control sources. In addition, surface source is used to define default material information, and several filtering methods, including Gaussian filter, Average filter, are applied to blend FGMs for each voxel.


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