Dynamic Simulations of a Large High-Frequency Power System

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Hebner, R.E.
Beno, J.H.
Ouroua, A.

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Society for Modeling & Simulation International


Dynamic simulations to assess performance aspects of a large high-frequency power system have been conducted. The analysis uses a model of an 80-MW power system for an all-electric ship. The model, developed in the Matlab/Simulink environment, includes several power generation units, two propulsion power trains, an energy storage system, a high-power pulse load, and several service loads. Three case studies were addressed. The first considers the response of the power system to a high-power step load, representing a sudden request for acceleration of the ship. The second deals with the effects of a partial loss of generation during operation. The third addresses the effects of load drop on the power system.


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R.E. Hebner, J.H. Beno, A. Ouroua, “Dynamic simulations of a large high-frequency power system,” Proc. Grand Challenges in Modeling & Simulation (GCMS2011), Part of the 2011 Summer Simulation Multiconference 2011 (Summer Sim2011), The Hague, Netherlands, June 27-30, 2011.