Surface casing estimator site, 2018-2019

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The Surface Casing Estimator Site (SCES), hosted at the Bureau of Economic Geology (Bureau), is an interactive website that provides depth and elevation estimates for select subsurface water-quality zones chosen by Groundwater Advisory Unit staff at the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC). These depths enable users to estimate surface casing needs for possible future drilling activity prior to obtaining a surface casing determination from the RRC.

Work during fiscal year 2019 (September 2018 to August 2019) for the SCES involved:

  1. Scanning geophysical logs from the Q-log library for 12 counties.
  2. Constructing digital datasets composed of geologic information related to estimating surface casing requirements and groundwater depths for 5 counties in the Texas Panhandle and 3 counties on the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain.
  3. Adding the newly interpreted counties to existing SCES data.
  4. Adding selected geophysical logs to the SCES.
  5. Updating and revising the SCES as requested.

For the Panhandle counties, the SCES provides elevation and depth estimates for the base of usable-quality water (BUQW) and the base of underground sources of drinking water (USDW). For the coastal counties, the SCES provides depth and elevation estimates for the base of fresh water, the BUQW, and the base of USDW. Critical water-bearing stratigraphic units, aquifer names, geophysical logs, and well locations are also displayed. All depths and elevations are estimated based on horizon picks provided by the RRC and on select supplemental geophysical well-log determinations. Approximately 280 geophysical logs across 8 Texas counties were added to the SCES web portal during the FY2019 project year.


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