(Vol. 01, 1998-05) Texas Species of Glandularia (Verbenaceae)

Turner, Billie L.
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Eight species of Glandularia are recognized as native to Texas: G. bipinnatifida (having two morphogeographical infraspecific categories, G. b. var. bipinnatifida and G. b. var. ciliata [Benth.] B. L. Turner, comb. nov.); G. canadensis; G. delticola; G. polyantha; G. pulchella (introduced and escaped from cultivation); G. pumila; G. quadrangulata; and G. tumidula. The latest monographer of the genus (R. E. Umber, 1979) recognized 10 species as occurring in Texas. Of these I cannot accept G. wrightii, which is treated as synonymous with G. bipinnatifida var. ciliata, or G. verecunda and G. racemosa, both of the latter treated as synonymous with G. quadrangulata. In addition, Umber's G. bipinnatifida var. brevispicata is treated as synonymous with G. b. var. ciliata. Further, G. quadrangulata, having appendiculate nutlets is also believed to possess forms with exappendiculate nutlets, the latter treated as G. racemosa and/or G. verecunda in his monograph. A key to the Texas taxa is provided, along with partial illustrations, synonymies and distribution maps.