Benefits of advertising and marketing during televised sporting events




Osborn, John Claiborn

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This reports main focus is to highlight the benefits of advertising during televised sporting events in an American market. In this report an overview of the current state of advertising and sports marketing is discussed along with historical and cultural analysis of both advertising and sports in the American culture. Among the arguments discussed, a major one will be how in this current media landscape sports is one of the best vehicles to reach a target markets directly without having to compete with many of the new technologies that are on the market today. The central backing for this argument comes from research conducted by interviewing experts in the fields of advertising, sports marketing, and analyzing articles and reports on the subject matter. With a shift in how media is consumed it is important for companies to understand what is the best way to reach an audiences and that some of the rules of advertising are shifting to meet with the changing landscape. Both real-world and academically evaluated examples are given to exhibit the potencies that Advertising during sports events has and how is the current market sports is becoming a more valued asset moving forward. Another issue that is discussed is possible area of further study which would focus on the evolution of mobile advertising and sports.




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