Contributions to Geology, 1944

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology

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University of Texas at Austin




"Contributions to Geology," including shorter papers, have been issued by the Bureau of Economic Geology since 1928. Each volume of the "Contributions" bears a bulletin number and is thus a part of The University of Texas series. The volumes issued in this "Contributions" series are University of Texas Bulletins 2801, 2901, 3001, 3101, 3201, 3501; University of Texas Publication 3945; and the present volume, University of Texas Publication 4401. The papers of this volume of "Contributions" include two papers on stratigraphic subjects and selected studies of fossil groups as follows: graptolites from the Cambrian, corals from the Carboniferous, Foraminifera from the Upper Carboniferous, vertebrates from the Triassic, crustaceans from the Cretaceous, and vertebrates from the Pliocene. This volume of "Contributions" was planned by Dr. E. H. Sellards who selected the papersand arranged for publication. The volume constitutes avaluable contribution to the geology of Texas and will be useful in many problems of economic geology.

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