Don’t Lose Heart: Argentina’s Rock Nacional and its Resistance to Military Dictatorship

Between 1976 and 1983, Argentina experienced the darkest of times when the Argentinian Armed Forces initiated a coup, suspending the democratic process and brutally limiting civil rights. This “Dirty War” subjected the Argentinians to torture, disappearances, and murder. However, during this repression of culture and freedom, the light of resistance and creativity shined through the gloom. Rock nacional fostered a level of resilience by the Argentinian youth that helped to usher in a new democracy as the military junta spectacularly failed to garner the support of the general public at large. forty years since the end of the dictatorship and the memory of that terrible time still lingers although so does the remembrance of pride and resilience of the Argentinian people. This exhibition was curated by Gilbert Borrego, Digital Repository Specialist, UT Libraries, 2023.