Electromagnetic Field Effect and Analysis of Composite Structure




Hsieh, K-T.
Tzeng, J. T.

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The electromagnetic and thermal response of composites subjected to magnetic fields is simulated by solving Maxwell and heat transfer equations simultaneously. The developed analysis accounts for the anisotropic nature of the electrical and thermal properties in three dimensions. A finite element code is developed to predict the response of composite structures subjected to transient magnetic fields. The analysis has been validated against a closed form solution and applied to simulate the induction heating process of composite cylinders. The developed analysis can be applied to the design of modern electrical weapons and used to simulate composite manufacturing processes such as induction cure.


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K-T. Hsieh, J. T. Tzeng, “Electromagnetic Field Effect and Analysis of Composite Structure”, 17th International EML Conference, San Diego, CA, July 7-11, 2014.