Mentoring Beginning Teachers: Lessons from the Experience in Texas




Pan, Diane T.
Mutchler, Sue E.
Shapley, Kelly S.
Bush, Joan
Glover, Robert W.

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Southwest Educational Development Laboratory


This report, in six chapters, discusses various aspects of mentoring teachers. The first chapter, an introduction, reviews the history of teacher mentoring in Texas since 1988 and describes the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory's (SEDL) Teacher Mentoring Research Project. Chapter 2, Lessons from Research on Teacher Mentoring: Review of the Literature," grounds SEDL's research in current understandings of teacher mentoring. Chapter 3, "Teacher Mentoring Survey of Texas School Districts: Summary of Results, presents findings and analysis of the statewide survey. Quantitative analysis of administrative data from three case sites are given in chapter 4, "Mentoring Beginning Teachers: The Implications of Contextual Conditions." Chapter 5, Lessons from the Field: Case Studies of Three Districts," gives a report and analysis of findings from qualitative research chapter of this report. Appendices consist of the statewide survey instrument and an annotated bibliography of additional resources on mentoring.



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