The life of Vicente Guerrero, Mexican revolutionary patriot, 1782-1831



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Vicente Guerrero was the only Mexican revolutionary leader to maintain uninterrupted resistance to the Spaniards during the entire period of the struggle for independence. He joined the patriotic forces when Morelos brought the news of the revolt of Hidalgo to southern Mexico in the late autumn of 1810 and, after eleven years of fighting, he entered Mexico City with the Independent army on September 27, 1821. The first chapter of this work briefly describes the economic and social conditions in New Spain prior to 1810, together with the pertinent available facts regarding the life of Guerrero prior to the revolution. Chapters II to IX, inclusive, narrate the principal events in the war for independence and Guerrero's rise from a common soldier to the generalship of all the revolutionary forces in the field, a position that he held from March 12, 1818, to February, 1821, when he generously stepped aside and allowed the erstwhile royalist colonel, Agustin de Iturbide, to assume the leadership of those who desired separation from Spanish rule. Chapters X to XVII, inclusive, trace Guerrero's activities as a general and statesman of independent Mexico from 1821 to 1831, the year of his death. Chapter XVIII relates some of the more interesting facts of his personal and family life that his private papers, those of his wife, and other sources disclose. The final chapter is a survey of the career of Guerrero as a whole. There is more source material for some of the years in which Guerrero conducted his campaigns than for others. For example, there are few records of his activities during the ten months period following the dispersal of the revolutionary Congress on December 15, 1815, by the forces of José Manuel Mier y Terán. On the other hand, there is a comparative abundance of data on Guerrero's activities during the spring and autumn of the year 1818