Inventory of Freight Transportation in the Southwest. Part III: Air Freight Service in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Adair, J. Bryan

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


This report provides an inventory of existing air freight transportation facilities, services, and practices in the twenty-four Texas and two Oklahoma counties surrounding and including Dallas and Fort Worth. The historical development of the air transportation business in Texas is traced from pre-World War I years, with particular emphasis on the industry expansion that has occurred since the mid-50's. Included in the inventory are details on air tonnages handled, volume trends, an analysis of domestic and foreign air commerce ties, information on airports, freight handling facilities, airlines, air freight forwarders, and commuter air carriers serving the area. In addition, there is a listing of products and commodities commonly shipped to and from the Dallas-Fort Worth region by air. Actual and potential problem areas that are considered for their possible influence on the air freight industry's outlook include: fuel shortages, the deficiency of intermodal freight transfer opportunities, inadequate air freight services for some rural areas, and cargo security


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