Tensile Property Variation with Wall Thickness in Selective Laser Melted Parts

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Raghavan, S.
Soh, N.
Hao, L.J.
Khan, N.A.
Muthu, R.
Dzugan, J.

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University of Texas at Austin


3D printed parts with complex geometries have different section thickness which leads to non-uniform mechanical properties due to microstructure and defect distributions. Hence, it is essential to characterise the localised mechanical properties to obtain a better understanding of the variability. The tensile property variability is captured by testing miniature sized tensile coupons that are extracted from different part locations which is more representative, when compared to testing printed tensile coupons. In the current work a benchmark study was first carried out to correlate miniature tensile properties with ASTM standard tensile test for different wall thickness in SLM Maraging steels. Following this, tensile property variation at different locations in an AM fabricated impeller part was studied. It was observed the thin sections in the part exhibited large variability in the elongation values. The effect of heat treatment on the tensile properties in the impeller was also studied.


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