Vehicle detection and tracking in highway surveillance videos

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Tamersoy, Birgi

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We present a novel approach for vehicle detection and tracking in highway surveillance videos. This method incorporates well-studied computer vision and machine learning techniques to form an unsupervised system, where vehicles are automatically "learned" from video sequences. First an enhanced adaptive background mixture model is used to identify positive and negative examples. Then a video-specific classifier is trained with these examples. Both the background model and the trained classifier are used in conjunction to detect vehicles in a frame. Tracking is achieved by a simplified multi-hypotheses approach. An over-complete set of tracks is created considering every observation within a time interval. As needed hypothesized detections are generated to force continuous tracks. Finally, a scoring function is used to separate the valid tracks in the over-complete set. The proposed detection and tracking algorithm is tested in a challenging application; vehicle counting. Our method achieved very accurate results in three traffic surveillance videos that are significantly different in terms of view-point, quality and clutter.



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