Development Of 873 nm Raman Seed Pulse For Raman-Seeded Laser Wakefield Acceleration

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Grigsby, F.
Peng, D.
Downer, M. C.

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By using a Raman-shifted seed pulse coincident with a main driving pulse. laser wakefields can be generated with sub-relativistic intensity, coherent control and high repetition rate in the self-modulated regime. Experimentally, the generation of a chirped Stokes laser pulse by inserting a solid state Raman shifter, Ba(NO3)(2), into a CPA system before the compressor (to suppress self-phase modulation) will be described. We will also report on design. modeling and experimental demonstration of a novel compressor for the Stokes pulse that uses a mismatched grating pair to achieve a near transform-limited seed pulse. Finally, we will describe the design. simulation and current status of Raman-seeded LWFA experiments that use this novel source..



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F. Grigsby, D. Peng, and M. C. Downer. AIP Conference Proceedings 737, 559 (Dec., 2004); doi: 10.1063/1.1842591