Education, Technology, and the Texas Economy Volume 2: Can Technology Help Texas Public Schools?, PRP 85




Marshall, Ray
Glover, Robert W.
Gronouski, John A.

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




In the summer of 1987, the Texas Education Agency enlisted the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs in such a project and began a joint effort to examine the relationship between public education and the economy of Texas. Professors Ray Marshall, John Gronouski, and Robert Glover and students at the LBJ School worked closely with TEA staff in the Division of Research and Information to examine the relationship between the Texas public schools and the economic future of the state. The result of this joint effort is a series of reports concerning education, technology, and the economy. The first of these reports, Economics of Education, by Professor Ray Marshall, focuses on current economic and demographic trends in Texas and their implications for public education. This report is followed by two additional volumes prepared by students and edited by Robert Glover and John Gronouski, addressing the issues of technology and the Texas public schools and vocational preparation and the Texas economy.

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