Non-Custodial Parent Choices PEER Pilot: Impact Report




Schroeder, Daniel G.
Walker, Kimberly
Khan, Amna

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Ray Marshall Center


The focus of this report is the Non-Custodial Parent Choices PEER curriculum enhancement pilot. The PEER pilot, which began in late 2010 in Hidalgo County, El Paso, and Beaumont/Port Arthur, tests whether the addition of a curriculum including parenting and relationship skills and financial literacy to the standard workforce development services in the original program can measurably enhance the program's impacts on the ability of low-income non-custodial parents (NCPs) to support their children. This report describes the early impacts of this pilot, which has thus far shown success in increasing child support collections.


Non-Custodial Parent Choices PEER Pilot: Impact Report

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“Non-Custodial Parent Choices Establishment and PEER Pilots: Impact Report.” Daniel G. Schroeder and Amna Khan. . Austin: Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, August 2011