All-epitaxial guided-mode resonance mid-wave infrared detectors

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Kamboj, Abhilasha
Nordin, Leland
Petluru, Priyanka
Muhowski, Aaron
Woolf, D. N.
Wasserman, Daniel

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AIP Publishing


We demonstrate all-epitaxial guided-mode resonance mid-wave infrared (MWIR) type-II superlattice nBn photodetectors. Our detectors consist of a high-index absorber/waveguide layer grown above a heavily doped (n

þþ), and thus, low-index, semiconductor layer, and below a high-index and wide-bandgap grating-patterned layer. Polarization- and angle-dependent detector response is measured experimentally and simulated numerically, showing strongly enhanced absorption, compared to unpatterned detectors, at wavelengths associated with coupling to guided-mode resonances in our fabricated detectors. The detectors show high operating temperature (T ¼ 200 K) external quantum effi- ciencies over 50% for TE-polarized light with absorber thickness of only 250 nm ( ko=20). We calculate T ¼ 200 K estimated specific detec- tivity for our detectors, on resonance, of 4 10

10 cm Hz1=2 W

1, comparable with state-of-the-art MWIR detectors. The presented results offer an approach to monolithic, all-epitaxial integration of IR detector architectures with resonant optical cavities for enhanced detector response across the mid-wave infrared.


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A. Kamboj, L. Nordin, P. Petluru, A. J. Muhowski, D. N. Woolf, D. Wasserman; All-epitaxial guided-mode resonance mid-wave infrared detectors. Appl. Phys. Lett. 17 May 2021; 118 (20): 201102.