The return of the native : being the curious continuing story of camels in America

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Bocast, Chrys, 1962-

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A physical and cultural history of the species Camelus in North America, from prehistoric times to the current day. Thorough description of the species; investigation of the North American camelid precursor, Camelops hesternus, including discussion and synthesis of late Pleistocene die-off theories. The attempt at introducing the camel to the American West; its subsequent absorption into American circuses and zoos. Historical analysis of Camel cigarette advertisements, culminating with the recent Joe Camel ads; examination of the ubiquitous portrayals of the camel as an ‘exotic’ animal. Documents American entrepreneurs currently rediscovering the camel as a utilitarian resource; concludes with camels as representational study, and the persistence of the horse culture in American society


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