Silicon Carbide Preforms for Metal Infiltration by Selective Laser Sintering™ of Polymer Encapsulated Powders

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Vail, N.K.
Barlow, J.W.
Marcus, H.L.

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A polymer encapsulated silicon carbide system has been developed for use with Selective Laser Sintering. Extensive studies with this material have provided information pertaining to processing and material parameters which most affect the strengths and densities of resulting green parts. The important parameters considered were particle size distribution of the powders, laser scanning conditions, and laser beam diameter. Simple and complex shapes were easily produced with this material using optimized parameters. Green objects were infused with metal by Lanxide using their pressureless infiltration process to produce both metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites. (Key Words: Silicon Carbide, Encapsulation, Polymer, Selective Laser Sintering, Composites).


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