Effects of EM weapons requirements on the electric ship power system

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Beno, J.H.
Ouroua, A
Flynn, M.

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The electric ship research effort at the University of Texas, Center for Electromechanics, is presently focusing on the development of a comprehensive model of ship power system. The model will allow the study of various architectures and power system configurations. The power system performance is assessed under prescribed scenarios that include representative mission profiles, advanced technologies in various system components, and fault mitigation. Particular attention will be given to the interaction of EM weapons with the whole power system and their effects on system stability. The potential benefits of an auxiliary energy storage system for EM weapons will be investigated. Initial analyses results will be presented.


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J.H. Beno, A. Ouroua, and M. Flynn, “Effect of EM weapons requirements on the electric ship power system,” Engine as a Weapon, Bristol, UK, June 9-10, 2004.