Design and synthesis of artificial receptors for selective and differential sensing

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Zhang, Tianzhi, 1973-

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This dissertation consists of four chapters. The first chapter provides an in-depth background of synthetic receptors for recognitions of phosphorylated molecules. This chapter covers synthetic receptors developed within the last two decades, and it focuses on the diverse functionalities and detection techniques involved in the receptor design. Chapter 2 discusses the synthesis and employment of a metalated receptor for the selective recognition of organic phosphates and phospho-amino acids, and describes a receptor with a pseudo tetrahedral cavity, which was found to be selective to phosphate, was synthesized utilizing a new and efficient synthetic route. UV-Vis titrations were used to determine binding constants for various organic phosphates and phospho-amino acids. The receptor:Cu(II) complex was found to differentiate the degree and size of phosphate substitutions. Chapter 3 describes the synthesis and application of a type of differential receptors for the recognition of phosphorylated tri-peptides from regular tri-peptides. The tri-peptide couples described in this chapter were part of sequences in protein Filamentous R-synuclein, which was discovered to have a close relation to Parkinson's disease. Extensive Ser129 phosphorylation was observed in diseased brains. Both solid phase and solution phase differential receptors were obtained in the investigations of peptide differentiation. A series of screening methods were applied to narrow down the system combinations. Linear discrimant analysis (LDA) statistical analysis generated a large spatial separation among six tripeptides. Chapter 4 describes the synthesis of a boronic acid based receptor for carboxy and phospho sugars recognition. Due to the large affinity to gluconic acid, which is the only product of enzyme catalyzed glucose oxidation, this receptor was successfully applied in determination of glucose concentration in human serum.