SAGAR: South Asia Graduate Research Journal, Volume 18




University of Texas at Austin

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Table of Contents -- Imagining the Poet-King: European and Indian Accounts of 16th Century Vijayanagaram / by Srinivas Reddy (p. 1-7) -- Imperial Insecurity: Burma, the Chinas, and the United States / by Aragorn Storm Miller (p. 9-18) -- Musicologist and Muslim: Religion, Caste and the Erasure of the Ustad / by Mark Laver (p. 21-28) -- Jiajiang Youth and Their Ritual: Seeking Recognition in the Wrong Place / by Wen-Ling Lin (p. 31-38) -- Manufacturing Employment and Production in Japan: Assessing the Impact of Integrated Production and Foreign Direct Investment / by Andrew S. David (p. 41-70) -- A Vision of the King: Kim Hong-do's Genre Paintings / by Sooa Im (p. 73-84) -- What Makes the Head Turn: The Narratives of Kanhadade and the Dynamics of Legitimacy in Western India / by Aparna Kapadia (p. 87-100) -- Notes on Contributors and Editors (p. 101-103)

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