A correlation of characteristics of the oil fields of north and north-central Texas




Gardner, Frank Johnson, 1915-

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This report is presented in an attempt to fill a very definite need for a compact, complete statistical survey of the oil fields of north and north-central Texas. Complete disregard for the keeping of accurate records during the hectic days of development in this region has resulted in a scarcity of information on the many fields that were discovered. The recent revival of interest in the area, especially in deep production development, justifies the presentation of a survey of these fields at this time. During 1938, seventeen new fields and seven new producing horizons were discovered in the area; in 1939, twelve new fields and twenty-six new producing horizons were uncovered; during 1940, forty new fields and eight new horizons were found, and in the first three months of 1941, ten new fields and five new sands have been opened. During a portion of the past two years, it was the privilege of the author to work with the Engineering Department of the Oil and Gas Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas, of this time was spent in assembling and condensing into tabulated form all available information and data on the oil fields of Texas. The information, figures, and data contained in this report have been taken largely from the records assembled by the author for the Railroad Commission of Texas. At present, of course, this information is not complete for the entire state of Texas, but it is the author’s hope to make such information available very shortly