Mobile Application and Server Management System for Autonomous Robot Deliveries




Jain, Asha Kailin

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The Short to Medium Range Autonomous Delivery System (SMADS) is an end-to-end platform to connect UT Austin-affiliated customers to autonomous delivery robots on UT Austin campus. The SMADS system integrates several subsystems, including two iOS mobile applications, a two-server communication structure and a robot autonomy stack with localization and navigation algorithms, into a global system architecture. This thesis describes the steps taken to develop and integrate the customer-facing iOS App, Texas Bolter, the Manager App and the two-server system comprised of the App Server and the robot servers. Furthermore, this work presents the results of the week long deployment of the SMADS system, delivering free lemonades to specific UT Austin buildings. The recorded issues are discussed and future work is presented. The SMADS system successfully completed 27 trips on varying robot platforms to various locations, demonstrating the robot-agnostic nature of the app and server management system — a useful feature for future human-robot interaction research.


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