Getting paid to commute : will it work?




Ved, Nirav Ravindra

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Traffic congestion is a phenomenon that occurs when transportation infrastructure begins to reach or exceed capacity in relation to the number of drivers, riders or bikers utilizing the same space at the same time. From Monday through Friday in the United States this phenomenon generally occurs twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening as individuals travel to and from their homes and their workplaces. In the United States, the workday in each city begins and ends at roughly the same time for all individuals which means that the vast majority of commuters enter and exit the available transportation infrastructure at roughly the same time every day. Yet outside of those commuting times, the available infrastructure is usually clear and free of traffic. This report seeks to add to ongoing research of relieving congestion at peak travel times by examining the possibility of workers incorporating commutes into their workday within the Austin metropolitan area. Essentially, workers will get paid for their commutes.


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