Precise Augmented Reality Enabled by Carrier-Phase Differential GPS

Shepard, Daniel P.
Pesyna, Kenneth M. Jr
Humphreys, Todd E.
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A prototype precise augmented reality (PAR) system that uses carrier phase differential GPS (CDGPS) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to obtain sub-centimeter level accurate positioning and degree level accurate attitude is presented. Several current augmented reality systems and applications are discussed and distinguished from a PAR system. The distinction centers around the PAR system’s highly accurate position estimate, which enables tight registration, or alignment of the virtual renderings and the real world. Results from static and dynamic tests of the PAR system are given. These tests demonstrate the positioning and orientation accuracy obtained by the system and how this accuracy translates to remarkably low registration errors, even at short distances from the virtual objects. A list of areas for improvement necessary to create a fully capable PAR system is presented.