High Frequency Ultrasonic Non Destructive Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Components

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Karthik, N.V.
Gu, Hengfeng
Pal, Deepankar
Starr, Thomas
Stucker, Brent

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University of Texas at Austin


Ultrasonic testing of additively manufactured components is useful for non-destructive defect analysis such as porosity, void and delamination detection as well as for analysis of material properties such as density, material strength and Young’s modulus. A high frequency ultrasonic system has been set up on a Fabrisonics Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (Ultrasonic Consolidation) machine to measure the material properties after each layer. The same system is also used to perform offline tests of parts fabricated by SLM. Traditional material analysis carried out using SEM and optical microscopy is used to validate and demonstrate the effectiveness of the non-destructive testing equipment.


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