Design and prototype of a trimodal, wireless, neural interface device with electrical and electrochemical neural recording




Chen, Sharon Xiangyi

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This report describes the design and prototype process of a wireless neural interface device that enables electrical and electrochemical data monitoring and closed-loop optogenetic stimulation to neural tissue through a graphical user interface (GUI). This system is designed to monitor and stimulate dopamine concentration in brain tissue. The electrical sensing front-end amplifies signals from 1Hz to 200Hz with a mid-band gain of 60dB (1000V/V). The chemical sensing front-end features an FSCV waveform generator with a 400V/s scan rate and a voltage sweep range of -0.25V to 1.36V. The optogenetic stimulation unit is a wirelessly controlled LED configurable for frequencies between 1Hz to 10Hz and an on-pulse time between 1 ms and 10 ms. The data acquisition rate for electrical and electrochemical sensing is 1kHz with 12-bit resolution. The wireless GUI connects to the neural interface device with a bidirectional wireless BLE link.


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