Effective Floquet Hamiltonians for periodically-driven twisted bilayer graphene

Vogl, Michael
Rodriguez-Vega, Martin
Fiete, Gregory A.
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We derive effective Floquet Hamiltonians for twisted bilayer graphene driven by circularly polar- ized light in two different regimes beyond the weak-drive, high frequency regime. First, we consider a driving protocol relevant for experiments with frequencies smaller than the bandwidth and weak amplitudes and derive an effective Hamiltonian, which through a symmetry analysis, provides an- alytical insight into the rich effects of the drive. We find that circularly polarized light at low frequencies can selectively decrease the strength of AA-type interlayer hopping while leaving the AB-type unaffected. Then, we consider the intermediate frequency, and intermediate-strength drive regime. We provide a compact and accurate effective Hamiltonian which we compare with the Van Vleck expansion and demonstrate that it provides a significantly improved representation of the exact quasienergies. Finally, we discuss the effect of the drive on the symmetries, Fermi velocity and the gap of the Floquet flat bands.