Process Chain for Numerical Simulation of IMLS

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Branner, G.
Strasser, G.
Zaeh, M.F.

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Additive layer manufacturing methods imply, among other advantages, extensive flexibility concerning their ability to realize mass customization. Despite various efforts towards process enhancement, numerous deficiencies concerning part distortion or residual stresses are still observable. The present work deals with the definition of an efficient process chain for numerical simulation of indirect metal laser sintering (IMLS), in order to improve dimensional accuracy. The underlying method is based on investigations of dilatometric behavior of iron based powder, which is integrated into reaction kinetic models and coupled with a finite element analysis (FEA). Thus, singular process steps, e. g. solid phase sintering, phase transformations or infiltration, are numerically modelled with adequate accuracy. Referring to thermomechanical simulation, possibilities for pre-scaling of part geometries are presented.


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