Embodied rhetoric : memory and delivery in networked writing




Jones, John Mark, 1978-

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Whereas the traditional rhetorical practices of memory and delivery were directly connected to the body of the speaker, I argue that when communication is embodied on digital networks, the processes underlying memory and delivery—the coordination of individual and text and the use of embodied affordances to present a text, respectively— are expressed in different ways. Resonance, or the act of bringing two structures into coordination with each other, and switching, or the act of making connections between two networks, fulfill the role of memory in digital networks, coordinating the actions of different networks. Similarly, the protocol, or the technical and cultural rules of networks, and the program, or the emergent behavior, of a network must be taken into account by writers who wish to achieve rhetorical ends. Using three case studies of network formation on the microblogging service Twitter, I show how the acts of resonance and switching, along with the protocol and program of these networks, influence network formation, the types of communication generated by networks, and how those networks are received by outsiders.




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