Contributions in marine science volume 32




University of Texas Marine Science Institute

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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute


Table of Contents. Dedication to D.E. Wohlschlag / (p. iii) -- Stable isotopic analysis of organic carbon in water and sediment from the Houston Ship Channel, Texas, USA / Michael E. Caughey (p. 1-8) -- No. 2 fuel oil effects on Spartina alterniflora in a Texas salt marsh / James W. Webb and Steve K. Alexander (p. 9-20) -- A new record of Paulinella ovalis: Filosea : Euglyphina / Susan E. Safford (p. 21-26) -- Factors influencing the standing crop of diatom epiphytes of the seagrass Halodule wrightii Aschers in South Texas seagrass beds / Jerilyn Jewett Smith (p. 27-40) -- Effects of the number of short shoots and presence of the rhizome apical meristem on the survival and growth of transplanted seagrass Thalassia testudinum / David A. Tomasko, Clinton J. Dawes and Margaret O. Hall (p. 41-48) -- The effect of freshwater inflow on macrobenthos in the Lavaca River delta and Upper Lavaca Bay, Texas / Richard D. Kalke and Paul A. Montagna (p. 49-72) -- A laminar-flow choice chamber for testing the responses of postlarval penaeids to olfactants / Mark C. Benfield and David V. Aldrich (p. 73-88) -- Long-term trends in the abundance of the copepod Acartia tonsa in the Calcasieu Estuary / Michael Vecchione (p. 89-102) -- Ichthyoplankton off west Louisiana in winter 1981-1982 and its relationship with zooplankton biomass / James H. Cowan, Jr. and Richard F. Shaw (p. 103-122) -- Occurrence of fat snook (Centropomus parallelus) in Texas: evidence for a range extension / J.H. Martin and T.L. King (p. 123-126) -- Seasonal variation in relative abundance and species diversity of fishes in South Bay / John H. Hook (p. 127-141)