Mechanical Properties of Laser-Deposited Ti-6Al-4V

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Kobryn, P.A.
Semiatin, S.L.

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Laser additive manufacturing is a solid-freeform-fabrication process which is being investigated for titanium-component manufacturing and repair based on its cost-reduction potential and flexibility. Laser additive manufacturing also has the potential to improve mechanical properties due to the high cooling rates involved. However, the effect of the layered manufacturing process and any lack-of-fusion porosity and texture on the magnitude and anisotropy of mechanical properties is of concern. Hence, a preliminary effort was undertaken to assess these effects for bulk Ti-6Al-4V deposits manufactured using the LENS™ process. Tension, fatigue, and crack-growth tests were performed on both stress-relieved and HIP’ed deposits in three primary directions. The results were compared to published data for conventionally processed Ti-6Al-4V castings and forgings.


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