Simulation of Hybrid WAAM and Rotation Compression Forming Process

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Zhao, Xushan
Wang, Yuanxun
Wang, Guilan
Zhang, Haiou

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University of Texas at Austin


Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) has been studied and widely applied due to its high forming efficiency and low production cost. In the process of WAAM, there are problems of cracking, deformation, large residual stress, insufficient properties, and instability caused by repeated rapid heating and chilling. Welding with rotation compression can control the performance and shape synchronously in the semi-solidified state of the weld pool. In this study, a new solution of hybrid WAAM and rotation compression is presented using follow-up rotating device to form the weld bead layer by layer. Base on the finite element analysis result of the hybrid process, the force energy curve of the rotation forming metal flowing process is obtained by arranging history monitory points and paths on the bead, and the relationship between the shape and forming load is revealed. The simulation model was verified by forming tests on middle carbon steel.


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