Christopher Columbus: The Recent Literature

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Gutiérrez-Witt, Laura

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Benson Latin American Collection


Christopher Columbus became a public-and controversial-figure the moment his letters of February and March 1493, giving an account of his voyage to the Indies were read by Europeans. Almost immediately, contemporary writers began to write about the mysterious Genoese, his achievements and his motives. Since the 16th century, the Columbian bibliography has grown by many titles, some written to coincide with an anniversary of Columbus's first voyage, others when newly discovered documentation has revealed unknown facts. The 500th anniversary in particular has stimulated the production not only of new biographies and translations but also of bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, novels, poetry, operas, plays, motion pictures, and children's books. This bibliography is a highly selective listing of both popular and research printed sources. Additional titled may be found in the Online Catalog (UTCAT) under COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER as subject and as author.



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