"It's Only Right That You Should Play the Way You Feel It:" Examining the Fleeting Emotions of Preservice Teachers' Navigation of Critical Historical Inquiry




Joseph, Michael
Baker, Mathew

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Texas Education Review


This study contributes to existing literature on critical historical inquiry used in the social studies field. Furthering the research, this qualitative study examines the emotional navigation of five preservice teachers in a graduate-level methods course of a collegiate, urban-focused, teacher preparation program as they traverse learning about and the development of critical historical inquiry projects over the length of a semester. Paying particular attention to the incorporation of counter narratives into critical historical inquiry, the findings suggest that public or intrinsic discussions regarding emotion do play a role in preservice teachers' decisions to accept and then infuse such narratives into these inquiries. We assert that creating opportunities for preservice teachers to reflect and examine their emotional positions while engaging in new pedagogical practices like critical historical inquiry will lead to more integration of counternarratives, thus enhancing transformative and social justice-oriented teaching.



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