Gated subdivisions in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana




Marschall, Lauren LaFitte

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This paper is about the current state of gated subdivisions in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. It provides a list, map, and relevant census data of the gated subdivisions in each of the three cities in the parish in which they are found—Baton Rouge, Central, and Zachary—and the unincorporated areas of the parish. It also examines comprehensive plan elements that relate to gated subdivisions, and whether actual gated developments adhere to the plan’s principles.
It is important to examine gated developments in East Baton Rouge Parish because they have an effect on the social, fiscal, and public health of their inhabitants and the surrounding communities. The population of East Baton Rouge Parish is growing, which means that new housing units will be built in the near future, many in new subdivisions. The characteristics and placement of housing are major components of an area’s quality of life, and the governments in East Baton Rouge Parish have the opportunity and the responsibility to influence future quality of life by carefully and thoroughly considering their residential developments. An understanding of gated neighborhoods in the area will add to citizens’ and governments’ ability to thoroughly consider future residential development. No comprehensive list or map of gated subdivisions exists for any part of the parish. By mapping them now, and providing a “state of the parish” report, interested citizens and planners at all levels of government can track the increase or decrease of gated communities. Showing that there is sometimes a difference between a comprehensive plan’s stated objective and the reality of gated communities may encourage closer scrutiny before future gated developments are approved.



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