The ties that bind : a study of neighborhood place attachment and its potential influence on the choice to relocate or rebuild after a natural disaster




Atlas, Laura Weekley

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This professional report addresses 1) how a three-dimensional, person-process-place framework (Scannell & Gifford, 2010) captures the complex interrelationship between individuals and collective groups who form place attachment, the ways in which they attach themselves to a place, and the place that is the object of their attachment; 2) how place attachment influences individual decisions to rebuild or relocate after a natural disaster; and 3) what the implications are for planners faced with these individual and collective decisions to remain or relocate. Using a case study from Meyerland, a close-in suburban neighborhood in southwest Houston which has recently endured a 27-month period of three massive flooding events culminating in Hurricane Harvey, the report addresses these questions through qualitative analysis of interviews and surveys of current and former residents of Meyerland, history of the neighborhood, and a thorough literature review of place attachment.


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