Project Publish: 2015 Truisms Edition

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Mutchler, Leslie
Doroba, Mark (photographer)

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The FAL is proud to present the exhibit "Project Publish: 2015 Truisms Edition". Located next to the reference materials section on the 3rd floor of the library, it features a collection of work completed by the students in the spring class of Two-Dimensional Foundations, taught by Leslie Mutchler. All of the pieces reference the conceptual work of artist Jenny Holzer. Students utilized the department's Digital Fabrication Lab and Printmaking studios to produce their work. As an integral academic component of the Department of Art and Art History, the Foundations Program embraces and promotes the department’s aims by laying the bedrock of knowledge and skill base of scholarly research and creative experimentation. The Foundations Program’s purpose is to give students in the department the same basic hand skills and knowledge needed by visual artists, designers, art educators and historians to continue on to beginning courses and to create works and research with success. Issues appropriate to foundation study can be applied to discussion of art and design from any period. Foundations courses are pre-requisites for all beginning/level-one studio art classes. The Foundations program services all incoming freshmen and prepares them for their studies in all four programs within the Art and Art History Department: Art History, Design, Studio Art and Visual Arts Studies. Photos and design by Mark Doroba



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