Significance of humor in works by Maghrebi writers : Y.B., Faïza Guène, and Fellag

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Mortimer, Heather Leigh

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This thesis focuses on the role of humor in three contemporary Maghrebi novels: Allah Superstar by Y.B. (2003), Kiffe kiffe demain (2004) by Faiza Guene, and Comment reussir un bon petit couscous (2003) by Fellag, Y.B., Guene and Fellag create and invent humor through their use of irony, references and language. They aim their derision at specific issues, value systems and ideologies that threaten, exploit, victimize and discriminate against those who are labeled different. In Allah Superstar, Y.B. makes fun of religion and religious fundamentalism, in Kiffe kiffe demain Faiza Guene derides France's socio-political system that continues to fail at integrating its large population of North African immigrants, and finally in Comment reussir un bon petit cous cous Fellag jokes about politics and international relations between France and the Maghreb. These texts are very important to contemporary France because they raise questions, not only to entertain, but they also teach and inform on certain political and polemical issues that touch French society today.



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