From Pro-Suffrage to Anti-ERA: Fear and Women’s Rights in the Mormon Church




Hawkins, Athena

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This project won second place in the 2021 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. The award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement, that students will be able to create and execute a research strategy, critically evaluate information, and navigate the scholarly conversation. The paper was nominated by Alex Beasley and completed in his Fall 2020 Signature Course, “Emotions in US History.” Athena Hawkins' project was chosen for her interesting argument, bolstered by primary and secondary sources pertaining to multiple eras. Dr. Beasley supported this project by saying "[Athena Hawkins] innovatively argued that "people are more likely to support liberty and equality when it propels them into a position of societal acceptance, and more likely to fear this type of change when it removes their institution or group from the hegemonic culture’s warm embrace." She marshaled an impressive range of primary and secondary sources to make her case, including pamphlets and newspapers from the 19th century and 1970s.”

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