Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks Season 18 premiere, Mixed Works by Yacov Sharir & José Luis Bustamante: Henrietta & Alexandra, Entre lo que me quieres y te quiero (Between Your Love for Me and Mine for You), Six Distances, Drums Suite; November 17, 2000




Sharir, Yacov
Bustamante, Jose Luis
Aaron, Michael
Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks

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Performance at the McCullough Theatre, UT-Austin.


Friday. Drums Suite was created with the dancers/performers' input and collaborative efforts. Their ideas, thoughts and suggestions were appreciated and very much considered. To them I am very thankful. --Yacov Sharir. Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante (Henrietta & Alexandra, Entre lo que me Quieres y te Quiero); Jose Luis Bustamante in collaboration with Michael Aaron (Six Distances); Yacov Sharir (Drums Suite). Dance Company: Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks . Performers: Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott (Henrietta & Alexandra); Jose Luis Bustamante, Laura Cannon, Terry Hardy, Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott (Entre lo que me Quieres y te Quiero); Mike Aaron, Jose Luis Bustamante (Six Distances); Laura Cannon, Terry Hardy, Ruth Margraff, Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott, Yacov Sharir (Drums Suite). Text: Donald Barthlme, excerpts from 'Henrietta & Alexandrea'; Federico Garcia Lorca (Entre lo que me Quieres y te Quiero); Ruth Margraff (Drums Suite). Narration: Tina Marsh (Henrietta & Alexandra) . Sound Design: Bill Meadows (Henrietta & Alexandra). Music: W.A. Mozart from The Marriage of Figaro (Henrietta & Alexandra); Enrique Morente, Abed Azrie, El Lebrijano, Rafael de Pax, P. Alvarez Osorio, Chano Dominguez, Martirio (Entre lo que Quieres y te Quiero); Franz Shubert and Robert Shumann (Six Distances); Hebrew songs from Israel Ora Sittner (chant), Youval Micenbacher (percussions), Abadai, Bustan Abraham Ross Daly (Drums Suite). Lighting: Amarante L. Lucero. Costumes: Amy Burrell (Entre lo que me Quieres y te Quiero, Six Distances, Drums Suite)


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