WTWI Interim Report: Completion of Analysis, Wolfcamp Geochemistry

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Evaporite strata in Permian rocks of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas, are the focus of nuclear waste isolation feasibility studies by the Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin. One phase of the study is to determine the extent, if any, to which fluids have migrated through the evaporite aquitard, the target horizon of potential nuclear waste storage. Part of the study of possible fluid leakage is a study of fluid/rock equilibrium in the Wolfcamp aquifer, the first significant brine aquifer below the aquitard.

This report presents the isotopic and trace element data from lime mudstones, dolomite mudstones, and anhydrite which were gathered for part of the examination of fluid/rock equilibrium. The report includes trace element data for each of the three major lithotypes examined, carbon and oxygen isotope data for dolomite and limestone, sulfur isotope information for bedded anhydrite, anhydrite nodules, and anhydrite cements, and strontium isotope information for anhydrite beds and nodules, dolomite, and limestone. Microprobe data from a single thin section are reported. Additionally, homogenization temperatures and freezing point determinations from a single sample of sphalerite are reported.

Microprobe examination of several sections proved to be of low utility due to low concentrations of elements of interest, and these data are not reported. Oxygen isotopic examinations of quartz and anhydrite were not completed due to time constraints and to instrument difficulties.


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