Selective Area Laser Deposition from Acetylene and Methane to Increase Deposition Control

Birmingham, B.R.
Zong, G.
Tompkins, J.V.
Marcus, H.L.
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Selective area laser deposition (SALD) has been used to deposit carbon from acetylene. Working at the relatively high pressures required to produce high deposition rates can result in explosive uncontrollable growth. Pr~vious computational modeling indicates that the energy released from the exothermic decomposition of acetylene to carbon may be responsible for this behaviour[l]. Since methane decomposes endothermically to form carbon over certain temperatures, it is possible that methane addition to the process may help control the deposition rate. The purpose of this paper is to describe SALD experiments that were performed using various partial pressures of acetylene and methane as precursor in order to determine if combining an endothermic and an exothermic reaction effects the control of the SALD process.