Beyond Binaries of Disability in Writing Center Studies from Praxis: A Writing Center Journal Vol.19 No.1




Elston, M. Melissa
Green, Nicole
Hubrig, Ada/Adam

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In her introduction to the anthology Writing Centers and Disability, Allison Hitt argues for the importance of honoring the nuances and complexities of disabled student writers in writing center work (viii). In our provocation, we center these nuances and complexities of disability, not only for disabled people/people with disabilities¹, but also as these complexities might shape writing center praxis. Too often disabled experiences are not relayed in their complexity but are flattened by binary understanding of disability. We worry about the ways in which an understanding of disability in writing center studies is haunted by the stories nondisabled people tell about disability, about how Disability discourse in writing center research both opens and forecloses possibilities for disabled student writers and writing center instructors.

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