Praxis, Volume 07, No. 02: Professionalization and the Writing Center, Part II




Prejean, Kelli
Dvorak, Kevin
Habel, Chad
Hall, R. Mark
Reardon, Daniel
Carpenter, Russell
Edwards, Chris
Jesson, Jamie
Purvin, Lindsey
Busby, Ashley

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Contents: Reaching In, Reaching Out: A Tale of Administrative Experimentation and the Process of Administrative Inclusion / by Kelli Prejean -- The Professionalization of a University Writing Center Staff through a Professional Writing Internship Program / by Kevin Dvorak -- From Learning Adviser to Coordinator: A Professional Career Arc / by Chad Habel -- A Social Capital View of a Writing Center-WAC Partnership / by R. Mark Hall -- Writing Center Administration: Learning the Numbers Game / by Daniel Reardon -- Writing with Pictures: Immersive Technology and 21st Century Professional Development / by Russell Carpenter -- The Public Face: Working the Front Desk of the UWC / by Chris Edwards, Jamie Jesson, Lindsey Purvin, Ashley Busby, Anthony Fassi, Andrew Friedenthal, and Brian Gatten -- A Wealth of Opportunity: An Undergraduate Consultant-ant's Look into the Benefits of Working at a Writing Center / by Chris Edwards -- Toward a More Hybrid Discourse: Re-evaluating (NNS) Client/Consultant Relationships / by Matthew Schultz -- From Writing Center to Classroom and Back Again: Pursuing the Unknowns of Tutoring and Teaching / by Sarah Dees -- My Path to Management: Experience, Mentoring, Leadership, and Ambition / by Jane Hirschhorn

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