Toward a new progressive theory of learning : a critical deconstruction and synthesis of three learning theories




Edghill, Elizabeth

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Understanding how students learn, that is, how they recognize, process, and internalize new information, is vital to any teacher’s success. Although many theories exist in this field, I have selected three strong theories to initiate a discussion that I see as suggestive of a new, cohesive theory that represents a synthesis of all three. For the purposes of this report, I have selected the theories of constructivism and social constructivism from Piaget and Vygotsky, Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems theory, and Chaos theory as the basis for my proposed model. In the report, these three theories are deconstructed, and various components of each are then synthesized to suggest a comprehensive model. It is my intent that my proposed model be helpful to teachers in designing and tailoring instruction for their students. By understanding the relationships and inter-relationships of the child to the various systems that affect him/her, the teacher can better engage all students toward a successful outcome.



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