Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Strip Processing for Freedom Fabrication of Multi-Layered Microfluidic Sensing Systems

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BenAzouz, Aymen
O'Connor, Richard
Vasquez, Mercedes
Brabazon, Dermot
Paull, Brett

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University of Texas at Austin


Researchers have developed techniques for multi-layered fabrication of microfluidic chips which allow for increased scope of channel geometries and associated improved sensing capabilities. In these techniques, slits have been fabricated in thin layers of polymer or glass, typically of a couple of hundred micrometers thick. These layers are then bonded to each other using adhesives, hot embossing or a combination of bonding methods. This paper presents a new fast freeform methodology for 3D channel geometries to be fabricated in COC chips using laser and xurographic processing for slit formation and cyclohexane promoted bonding for multi-layer joining at room temperature.


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