Line Lists for the A(2)Pi-X-2 Sigma(+) (Red) and B-2 Sigma(+)-X-2 Sigma(+) (Violet) Systems of Cn, (Cn)-C-13-N-14, and (Cn)-C-12-N-15, and Application To Astronomical Spectra

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Sneden, Christopher
Lucatello, Sara
Ram, Ram S.
Brooke, James S. A.
Bernath, Peter

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New red and violet system line lists for the CN isotopologues (CN)-C-13-N-14 and (CN)-C-12-N-15 have been generated. These new transition data are combined with those previously derived for (CN)-C-12-N-14, and applied to the determination of CNO abundances in the solar photosphere and in four red giant stars: Arcturus, the bright, very low-metallicity star HD 122563, and the carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars HD 196944 and HD 201626. When both red and violet system lines are detectable in a star, their derived N abundances are in good agreement. The mean N abundances determined in this work are also generally in accord with published values.



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Sneden, Christopher, Sara Lucatello, Ram S. Ram, James SA Brooke, and Peter Bernath. "Line Lists for the A 2?-X 2?+(Red) and B 2?+-X 2?+(Violet) Systems of CN, 13C14N, and 12C15N, and Application to Astronomical Spectra." The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Vol. 214, No. 2 (Oct., 2014): 26.