Freshwater on the island of Maui : system interactions, supply, and demand

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Grubert, Emily

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This work is part of a broader, multi-year investigation of Maui Island’s freshwater resources. Maui Island faces multiple resource constraints, including water, land, energy, and capital, and these resource constraints could become relevant over the next forty years. Not only does Maui face potential changes to its water and other systems due to external factors beyond its control, like anthropogenic and other climate changes, but Maui also could make developmental choices that will impact how its resource systems interact. In particular, this work looks at Maui’s freshwater systems as they relate to energy, waste, and environmental systems. This report provides a foundation for future scenario analysis on the island that will aim to characterize potential synergies and hazards of choices like increased food production, local fuel production, and increased use of renewable energies.



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